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How Does the Time Spent in Local Jails Vary by County for Inmates Ultimately Destined for New York State Prison?

Of the More Than 58,000 Admissions to City Jails Last Year, How Many Inmates Had Been There Before?

Has the Decline in the Number of Inmates From the City Led to the Drop in the State Prison Population?

How Many Mentally Ill Inmates Are in City Jails? How Does This Compare with the Capacity of the City’s Psychiatric Facilities?

NOTES: Jail numbers are the average for all of fiscal year 2013 and include inmates as young as 16. Psychiatric facility capacity numbers are point in time numbers as of April 2014 and are for adults only.
  • Of the daily average of 11,827 inmates in New York City jails, 37 percent, or 4,376 inmates on any given day, had a mental health diagnosis.
  • The combined capacity of all New York City inpatient psychiatric facilities is only slightly higher at 4,518.

Prepared by Christina Fiorentini and Nashla Rivas Salas
New York City Independent Budget Office

SOURCES: Mayor’s Management Report Fiscal 2013; New York State Division of Budget; New York State Office of Mental Health

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