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Federal & State Aid

The Paycheck Protection Program in New York City:
Jobs Saved, at What Cost?

October 12, 2023

Testimony on The City's Allocation of
Federal Covid-19 Stimulus Funds

November 7, 2022

Federal Assistance: How The Mayor Plans to
Use Billions in Covid-Related Aid For Schools

September 22, 2021

Federal Aid, Governor’s Proposals Combine for a Complex Funding Picture for the City’s Schools

March 19, 2021

Back On Track? Federal Aid for the MTA May
Be Coming, But Fiscal Problems Remain

March 9, 2021

FEMA Increase to Covid Reimbursement Means Over $1 Billion More for the City
February 16, 2021

How Much Income Support Aid Could Low-Income New Yorkers Lose
Under President Trump’s Budget Proposal?

August 16, 2017

Has the Amount of Federal Aid to New York City Changed Over the Past Five Years?
February 1, 2016; New York City by the Numbers

Mayor Adds $1.3 Billion in Federal Hurricane Sandy Aid to City Budget
June 10, 2015; Focus On: The Executive Budget Report, 2 pages    PDF

Will New York City Hospitals That Treat Many Low-Income Patients Face The Heaviest Penalties Under New Federal Reimbursement Policies?
June 12, 2013; IBO New York City by the Numbers Post

Missing From Albany's Family Relief Tax Break: 1.2 Million NYC Kids
April 19,2013; IBO Weblog

Testimony to the New York City Council Economic Development Committee on Federal Stimulus Spending in New York City
March 1, 2010; Testimony, 3 pages

MTA Wants More Public Subsidies, But How Much Does It Get Now?
August 14, 2008;  Newsfax, 3 pages

Federal Medicaid Changes Pose Major Budget Risks to the City's Hospitals
May 13, 2008;  Newsfax, 3 pages

School Funding Since 1990
March 13, 2008;  Table, 1 page

Larger City Subsidy Saves Public Hospitals, For Now
March 11, 2008;  Fiscal Brief, 6 pages

Most Food Stamp Recipients no Longer Also Welfare Recipients
January 16, 2008;  5 pages, plus supplemental tables

New Funding Formula Seeks to Alter School Budget Disparities
October 10, 2007;  Fiscal Brief, 11 pages

Contributing Factors: Disparities In 2005 Classroom Spending
October 10, 2007;  Background Paper, 13 pages

The Shelter Allowance Increase: How Will it Affect NYCHA's Budget?
September 20, 2007;  Testimony, 2 pages

New Welfare Rules May Be Costly for the City
July 3, 2007;  Fiscal Brief, 6 pages

A Review of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Financial Outlook and Options for Closing the Gaps
June 2007;  14 pages

Staten Island Ferry: Rising Costs Lead Spending to Double
March 6, 2007;  Newsfax Article

The Status of NYCHA's "Plan to Preserve Public Housing"
January 10, 2007;  Testimony, 2 pages

Since 2000, Funding Changes Cause Annual Uncertainty for Summer Jobs Program
June 2006;  Fiscal Brief, 5 pages

NYCHA's Plan to Preserve Public Housing
June 13, 2006;  Testimony, 3 pages

Examining NYCHA's Plan to Preserve Public Housing
June 8, 2006;  Letter Attachment, 18 pages

The Rising Cost of the Early Intervention Program
January 27, 2006;  Newsfax Article

As City Plans Child Care Improvements, Funding Tightens
December 29, 2005;  Report 6 pages and supplemental table

Adoption Subsidy Spending Grows, But City Saves
December 6, 2005;  Fiscal Brief

Progress Report: The Mayor's Social Services Streamlining Plan
October 27, 2005;  Newsfax Article

The Transportation Bond Act of 2005
October 17, 2005;  2 pages

City Faces New Community Development Block Grant Cuts
October 11, 2005;  Newsfax Article

State Saves as City Bears Added Jail Costs for Felony Cases
September 29, 2005;  Fiscal Brief, 6 pages

Lawsuit Remains Unsettled, But School Spending Continues to Rise
July 20, 2005;  Newsfax Article

The Governor's Budget Proposals and a Fair Share State Budget
March 11, 2005;  Testimony, 3 pages

While Fewer in City Receive Welfare, Many More Get SSI
December 2, 2004;  Newsfax Article

Heat and Hot Water Emergencies
November 16, 2004;  Testimony, 2 pages

Heating Home Assistance Program Provides Little Comfort for Many City Residents
November 9, 2004;  Newsfax Article

Running on Empty: The MTA's 2005 Budget and Financial Plan
November 2004;  Fiscal Brief, 8 pages

Go Figure: How a Bigger Education Budget Became Less Money for Schools
October 26, 2004;  Newsfax Article

The City's Changing Uses of HOME Funds
October 2004;  Background Paper, 4 pages

Three Years After: Where Is the $20 Billion in Federal WTC Aid?
August 11, 2004;  Newsfax Article

Settling School Finance Suit May Cost City Millions
May 27, 2004;  Newsfax Article

The City's Use of Battery Park City Authority Funds
May 26, 2004;  Letter and Attachment, 7 pages

The Future of Enhanced Vouchers: Cost and Considerations for a City Program to Supplement Federal Section 8 Rental Assistance
May 11, 2004;  Memo, 12 pages

The City's Rising Share of the Cost of Policing Public Housing
April 29, 2004;  Testimony, 2 pages

As Federal Aid Drops, City's Cost for Policing Public Housing Climbs
April 15, 2004;  Newsfax Article

Child Health Clinics Face Budget Cuts, Again
April 1, 2004;  Newsfax - plus appendix

Clause in Medicare Bill Blocked Hundreds of Millions in Potential City Savings
January 22, 2004;  Newsfax Article

Will New State Law Help Reclaim New York's Brownfields?
December 1, 2003;  Fiscal Brief, 7 pages

World Trade Center Assistance: Aid Received, Aid to Come
July 31, 2003;  Newsfax Article

Federal Changes May Mean Less Housing Aid for the City
July 21, 2003;  Newsfax Article, 3 pages

No Cents? Federal Subsidies for School Repairs Forfeited
July 10, 2003;  Newsfax Article

As Medicaid Enrollment Has Surged, Composition of the Caseload Has Changed
June 12, 2003;  Background Paper, 3 pages

Albany Budget Relief: How Much in City Gap-Closing Help?
June 5, 2003;  Fiscal Brief - plus appendix

Mayor's Social Service Streamlining Plan: Savings without Pain?
May 15, 2003;  Fiscal Brief

New York City's $4 Billion Medicaid Bill: What Is Driving the Rise in Costs?
May 7, 2003;  Newsfax Article

Considering Secession from the State
May 1, 2003;  Testimony, 3 pages

The Cost of Keeping Mitchell-Lama Housing Affordable
April 7, 2003;  Newsfax Article

City's Reliance on State and Federal Funds for Child Care Grows
December 2002;  Background Paper, 6 pages

Where Have All the New Child Care Dollars Gone?
December 12, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Can Another NY/NY Deal Deliver Housing for the Mentally Ill Homeless and City Savings?
October 25, 2002;  Newsfax Article

The Effectiveness of 9/11 Small Business Assistance Programs
October 7, 2002;  Testimony, 4 pages

The Cost of an Adequate Education for the City's Students
September 23, 2002;  Testimony, 3 pages

K-3 Class Size Drops, But 77,500 Children Still in Classes with Over 25 Students
September 19, 2002;  Newsfax Article - plus supplemental table

Rising Homelessness Threatens Higher City Costs
September 12, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Schools' Budget: One-Shots Now, Cuts Later?
August 9, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Expanding Homeownership Opportunities for Low- and Moderate-Income New Yorkers
August 2002;  Background Paper, 8 pages

Summertime Blues: Nearly 15,000 Fewer Summer Jobs for Teens
July 18, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Lower Manhattan Economic Recovery Aid: Who's Benefitting?
June 27, 2002;  Newsfax Article

World Trade Center Aid: Too Much for Some Needs, Not Enough for Others?
May 28, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Raising Work Quotas for Welfare Recipients: A Costly Challenge for the City
May 22, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Private Buses, Public Subsidies: Will New York Continue to Ride With the Current Franchise Deal?
May 2, 2002;  Policy Brief, 8 pages

Plans for Using Special Federal Community Development Funds Allocated to the City After September 11
April 23, 2002;  Letter, 4 pages

Effect of the Federal Stimulus Act on the City's Tax Revenues
March 2002;  Letter, 6 pages

Give 'Em Shelter: Various City Agencies Spend Over $900 million on Homeless Services
March 7, 2002;  Fiscal Brief, 12 pages

Governor Wants Remaining Welfare Surplus to Help Close Budget Gap
February 25, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Estimate of Differences in Per-Pupil Spending Between NYC and High-Performing School Districts Statewide
February 15, 2002;  Letter, 2 pages

Federal Aid to New York City in the Aftermath of September 11th: How Much, and for What?
February 11, 2002;  Testimony, 11 pages

New York's Access-A-Ride Program: Costs and Funding Sources
February 8, 2002;  Fiscal Brief

Rising Homelessness Pushes Homeless Services Budget Higher
December 13, 2001;  Newsfax Article

The Aftermath: How Much Federal Aid for New York?
November 20, 2001;  Newsfax Article

World Trade Center Disaster: Tracking Federal Aid for Cleanup and Rebuilding
September 28, 2001;  Newsfax Article, 2 pages

Back-to-School Budget Blues
August 30, 2001;  Newsfax Article, 2 pages - plus supplemental table

New York's Increasing Dependence on the Welfare Surplus
August 2001;  Report, 6 pages

Crime Bill Funding Only Half the Story
May 29, 2000;  Newsfax Article

No Taxation Without Explanation
April 3, 2000;  Newsfax Article

Federal Funds for Class Size Reduction May Be In Jeopardy
April 5, 1999;  Newsfax Article

Governor Proposes Sharp Aid Reduction for Education Initiatives
February 8, 1999;  Newsfax Article

Governor's Proposed Budget: Primary and Secondary Education
February 16, 1998;  Newsfax Article

City and State Budgets for Fiscal 1998: The Impact on City Schools
September 1, 1997;  Newsfax Article

New York State's Welfare Reform Plan
August 25, 1997;  Newsfax Article

Unsettled New York City Prior-Year Education Aid Claims
July 18, 1997;  Report

School Tax Relief and Education Aid Proposals: Impacts on New York City
April 1997;  Fiscal Brief

Prior-Year Education Aid: Where's the Money?
March 17, 1997;  Newsfax Article

Federal Budget: NYC Impact
February 12, 1997;  Newsfax Article

Federal Budget News
January 29, 1997;  Newsfax Article

State Budget News
January 29, 1997;  Newsfax Article

President's Budget for 1999
February 16, 1998;  Newsfax Article

Bond Act Hearing Raises Many Questions
March 24, 1997;  Newsfax Article

The Fiscal Impact of the New Federal Welfare Law on New York City
October 31, 1996;  Fiscal Brief

Fees, Fines & Other Nontax Revenues

Fare Play: Considerations for Exempting Yellow Taxis From a Congestion Pricing Surcharge
February 26, 2024

Fiscal Impact Of Eliminating Street Vendor Permit Caps in New York City
January 9, 2024
Lea el informe en español aquí

Stormwater Fees: Potential Implications for New York
November 27, 2023

Cost of Unpaid Fines, Charges,
And Penalties in New York City

April 5, 2023

Driving While Impaired Arrests Have Been Trending Down for Years. What About Crashes by Impaired Drivers?
August 6, 2021

When the City Went on Pause Did
Parking Violations Plummet?

July 23, 2020

How Does the City Collect Parking Fines from
Delivery Companies and Other Businesses?

February 5, 2019

Reporting on Delinquent New York City Environmental Control Board Fines
October 14, 2014;  Testimony, 2 pages      PDF

Are Red-Light, Bus-Lane, and Speed Cameras Becoming
The Main Drivers of Revenue from Traffic Fines?

July 15, 2014; New York City by the Numbers

New York City Public Payphones: How Many Are Left?
October 31, 2013; New York City by the Numbers Post

Is New York “Fine” City?
August 13, 2013; IBO Weblog Post

How Much is NYC Paying to Make Housing Repairs That Should be Done by Landlords?
May 7, 2013; New York City by the Numbers Post

New York City: Your Ad Here
September 6, 2012; IBO Weblog Post

Delinquent Account Balances 2007-2009
March 9, 2011; Letter, 7 pages

Sidewalk Standoff: Street Vendor Regulations Are Costly, Confusing, and Leave Many Disgruntled
November 9, 2010;  Fiscal Brief, 4 pages

Two Decades Later, City's Water Metering Still Not Universal
October 5, 2009;  IBO Weblog Post

Behind the Wheel: Who Drives Into The Proposed "Congestion Zone?"
December 11, 2007;  Newsfax Article, 3 pages

Fees at City Recreation Centers: More Pay, Fewer Play
March 2006;  Fiscal Brief, 6 pages

Parking Violations Hearing-by-Mail Dispositions
March 6, 2006;  Letter, 2 pages

New Federal Telecom Bills Could Tune Out Millions of Dollars for the City
February 9, 2006;  Newsfax Article

Expansion of the Bottle Bill and the Return of Unclaimed Deposits to Municipalities
June 3, 2004;  Testimony, 2 pages

The City's Use of Battery Park City Authority Funds
May 26, 2004;  Letter and Attachment, 7 pages

Bridge Tolls: Who Would Pay? And How Much?
October 7, 2003;  Fiscal Brief, 7 pages

Is Everything Going to Be Fine(d)?
An Overview of New York City Fine Revenue and Collection

May 29, 2003;  Report, 28 pages

New York City Economy

A Review of Potential Impacts of Staten Island
Seceding from New York City

May 2, 2024

Details on the January 2024 Economic and Tax Revenue Forecasts
February 22, 2024

The City Charter also requires IBO enhance official and public understanding of the budgetary process and budget documents. In the reports below IBO presents analyses of major budgetary issues facing the city as presented in the November Plan.

Taking New York City Down a PEG: IBO Estimate of the Impact of the Mayor’s Program to Eliminate the Gap (PEG) on New Yorkers
December 14, 2023

Mind the Gap: New York City’s Economy Shows Resilience While Inflation Cools, but Expenses Yield Budget Uncertainty
December11, 2023

Cost of Running NYC for a Day
August 23, 2023

An Examination of The Madison Square Garden
Property Tax Exemption

July 11, 2023

IBO's Testimony on the Mayor's Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2024
May 23, 2023

Modest Economic Recovery,
With Persistent Budget Challenges

May 15, 2023

Description of Public Subsidies for Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field & Barclays
March 29, 2023

Testimony on the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget
For 2024 and Financial Plan through 2027

March 6, 2023

Snapshot: Key Findings From IBO's Latest Economic Forecast & Review of the Mayor's 2024 Preliminary Budget and Financial Plan
February 9, 2023

Current Year Surplus Projected Despite Slowing Economy, Future Year Challenges Remain
December 19, 2022

Testimony on IBO’s Latest Economic Forecast &
The Mayor’s November Financial Plan

December 8, 2022

Highlights from IBO’s Updated Tables on New York City Residents’ Income & Income Tax Liability in 2020
December 6, 2022

Does NYC’s Method for Assessing Commercial
Property Values Result in Inequities?

August 30, 2022

How Much Will 421-a Continue To Cost New York City After Its Expiration?
June 6, 2022

On Track or Off the Rails? New York State’s Plan to Use New Development to Fund Penn Station Improvements Leaves Many Open Questions for New York City and State
May 9, 2022

Economic and Revenue Forecast: Recovery Continues as New Threats Emerge & Past Risks Remain
March 2, 2022

How Does New York City’s Recovery From Covid-Related Job Losses Compare With The National Recovery?
October 26, 2021

Testimony on Requiring The City to Report on its Design-Build Contracts
October 20, 2021

Saving Space (And Jobs)?
An Examination Of The Industrial Program

October 8, 2021

Personal Income Growth in New York City Has Been Sustained by a Temporary Boost in Transfer Payments

April 16, 2021

Assessments & Revenue: Understanding Next Year’s Projected Billion Dollar Fall in Property Tax Revenue
April 7, 2021

FEMA Increase to Covid Reimbursement Means Over $1 Billion More for the City
February 16, 2021

Testimony on the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget for 2022
March 2, 2021

While Tax Collections Are Stronger Than Expected, Revenue Forecast for 2021 Still Less Than Last Year
March 2, 2021

Outlook for the City’s Economy: A Slow and Fragile Recovery

March 1, 2021

Key Findings From IBO’s Latest Economic Forecast and Review of the Mayor’s 2022 Preliminary Budget and Financial Plan
February 11, 2021

Economic Development Tax Expenditure Evaluation:
IDA’s Industrial Program

February 19, 2021

Which Industry Sectors Have the Most Small Businesses and How Much Do Their Employees Earn?

September 24, 2020

There Are More Municipal Workers Than Ever.
But Is Headcount Up at All NYC Agencies?

August 13, 2020

Snapshot: IBO's Updated Economic and Revenue Forecast and Review of the Adopted Budget for 2021
July 21, 2020

Covid-19's Toll on the Local Economy: A Preliminary Estimate of Job Losses & Tax Revenue Declines
April 15, 2020

Close to Home: Does Proximity to a Homeless Shelter
Affect Residential Property Values in Manhattan?
September 25, 2019

Slacker City? New York City’s Incredible Shrinking Workweek
July 30, 2019

Economic Activity in New York City’s Arts and Cultural Sector
July 17, 2019

Private-Sector Employment & Wage Growth in New York City: Where Are the Jobs?
June 25, 2019

Past as Prologue: Revised Histories and Extraordinary
Trends in the New York City Economy
May 10, 2019

A Profile of New York City's Industrial Workforce
June 19, 2014; Charts, 26 Pages PDF

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Richest and Poorest NYC Census Tracts, 2000 & 2011
September 24, 2013;
IBO Weblog Post

A Matter of Data? Unraveling the Discrepancy Between City Job Growth &
A High Unemployment Rate

February 7, 2013; Fiscal Brief, 7 Pages

How Has the Distribution of Income in
New York City Changed Since 2006?

April 19, 2017

Looking Ahead: Is the City Making Way for More Office Space Than Needed Over the Next 30 Years?
September 19, 2013; Fiscal Brief, 12 Pages HTML PDF

Where the Jobs Are Growing the Money Isn’t Always So Good
January 18, 2012; IBO Weblog Post

New York City’s Long-Term Unemployment Rate Continues to Outpace U.S. Rate
July 30, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

Wall Street Wages: A Rough Ride on Easy Street
June 8, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

New Yorkers on the Move 1989-2007: Where They Came From, Where They Went
December 23, 2009; Fiscal Brief, 11 pages, plus supplemental tables

Big City, Big Bucks: NYC's Changing Income Distribution
June 12, 2000; 8 pages


Exemption or Abatement? Structure of Proposed New 421-a Program Has Implications for All Property Tax Bills
March 26, 2024

For Sale: An Examination of Residential Property Sales Priced at or Below $500,000 and Related Transfer Taxes in New York City
February 21, 2024

Highlights from IBO’s Updated Tables on New York City Residents’ Income & Income Tax Liability in 2021
November 8, 2023

How High—And How Soon? Projecting the Growth of the Legal Cannabis Market in New York City
August 24, 2023

Highlights from IBO’s Updated Tables on New York City Residents’ Income & Income Tax Liability in 2020
December 6, 2022

Testimony on Recommendations of the
Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform

November 15, 2022

Does NYC’s Method for Assessing Commercial
Property Values Result in Inequities?

August 30, 2022

How Much Will 421-a Continue To Cost New York City After Its Expiration?
June 6, 2022

Assessments & Revenue: Explaining the Unusual Swings in Property Tax Revenues for 2022 and 2023
April 1, 2022

Credits and Abatements: Examining the Adams Administration’s Three Tax Proposals
March 31, 2022

Highlights from IBO’s Updated Tables on New York City Residents’ Income & Income Tax Liability
November 12, 2021

Personal Income Growth in New York City Has Been Sustained by a Temporary Boost in Transfer Payments

April 16, 2021

Assessments & Revenue: Understanding Next Year’s Projected Billion Dollar Fall in Property Tax Revenue
April 7, 2021

Personal Income & NYC Income Tax Liability, 2017 & 2018
October 21, 2020

Testimony: Deferring Property Tax Payments for Some Property Owners
June 10, 2020

Tale of the Taxes: Steady, But Slower Growth Than In Recent Years
March 28, 2019

Considering Property Tax Reform: Will a Lower Target Assessment Ratio Ease Disparate Tax Burdens Among Owners of One- to Three-Family Homes?
December 12, 2018

Worth the Cost? An Examination of the Commercial Revitalization & Commercial Expansion Programs
November 9, 2018

How Has the Mix of Taxes Collected by
New York City Changed Over the Years?

August 23, 2018

Addressing the Disparities: Winners & Losers in
Two Property Tax Reform Scenarios
April 18, 2018___PDF__________HTML

Testimony on the Effect of Recent
Tax Law Changes on New York City

February 26, 2018

Evaluation of Commercial Revitalization and Commercial Expansion
Tax Expenditure Programs

December 18, 2017

Estimated Cost to New York City of Governor Cuomo’s
Proposed Affordable New York Housing Program

March 7, 2017; Focus On: The Preliminary Budget

How Many Homes & Apartments in New York City
Sold in Recent Years for More Than $2 Million?

February 17, 2017

Testimony on New York City's Commercial Rent Tax
February 13, 2017

An Efficient Use of Public Dollars? A Closer Look at
The Market Effects of the 421-a Tax Break for Condos
January 30, 2017__ HTML_____PDF

New York City Residents' Income and Tax Liability
December 13, 2016; Tables

Evaluating Economic Development Tax Expenditures
September 22, 2016;Testimony, 2 pages   PDF

Evaluation of Commercial Revitalization and Commercial Expansion
Tax Expenditure Programs

December 18, 2017

How Much Do Yesterday's 421-a Tax Exemptions Cost Us Today?
September 14, 2016; New York City by the Numbers

Cost of a Property Tax Abatement to Freeze Small
Business Rents in East New York Rezoning Area

July 27, 2016; Letter & Memo, 9 pages   PDF   

Analysis of Assessment and Tax Inequities in the Outer Boroughs
July 7, 2016; Letter & Memo, 8 pages   PDF

421-a Extended Affordability Benefits
May 18, 2016; Letter & Memo, 10 pages    PDF

Estimating the Cost of a Full Tax Exemption for Housing Development Fund Corporation Coop Buildings
January 27, 2016; Letter and Memo, 10 pages    PDF

New York City's Property Tax System
January 22, 2016; Testimony and Map, 6 pages    PDF

Letter on an Alternative City Child Care Tax Credit
November 9, 2015; Letter 3 pages    PDF

To Tax or Not to Tax the New Economy:
Digital Goods and Sales Taxes in New York

September 29, 2015; Fiscal Brief, 4 pages    HTML    PDF

From Tax Breaks to Affordable Housing:
Examining the 421-a Tax Exemption for One57

July 15, 2015; Fiscal Brief, 8 pages    HTML    PDF

Behind the Numbers: Details of IBO's Latest Economic & Tax Revenue Forecasts
June 18, 2015; Focus On: The Executive Budget, 8 pages    PDF

The Mayor's 421-a Proposal: Estimating Tax Revenue Forgone and Affordable Housing Gained
June 3, 2015; Focus On: The Executive Budget, 5 pages    PDF

For What It's Worth: Estimating Revenue & Distribution
Under the Mayor's Proposed Mansion Tax

June 1, 2015; Focus On: The Executive Budget, 3 pages    PDF

Did the Change in 421-a Tax Exemption Rules Alter the Geography of Where Buildings Receiving the Benefit Rise?
May 20, 2015; New York City By the Numbers

Comments on the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Proposed Statement for Tax Abatement Disclosures
February 5, 2015; Letter, 2 pages    PDF

Evaluating New York's Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Legislation In a Changing National Climate
December 17, 2014; Testimony, 2 pages    PDF

Effect on Property Tax Revenue From Merging Utility Property
From Class 3 into Class 4 Commercial Property

July 28, 2014;  Letter, 3 pages       PDF

When New Yorkers Move Out of New York City Where Do They Go?
July 21, 2014; New York City by the Numbers

Property Owners' Delinquencies For Sale: City's Annual Lien Sales Trigger Payments From Owners, Often Exceeding Original Amount Owed
June 26, 2014;  Fiscal Brief, 10 pages    HTML    PDF

Testimony on The Property Tax Exemption for Madison Square Garden
May 14, 2014;Testimony, 2 Pages       PDF

New York City Residents' Income and Tax Liability
April 14, 2014; Overview & Tables      PDF

New State Budget Hands Mayor a Taxing Decision: Extend the State Business Tax Cuts to the City? 
April 2, 2014; IBO Weblog Post

Thousands of City Homeowners Could Lose State Property Tax Break as Deadline for Registering Approaches
December 9, 2013; IBO Weblog Post

What Type and Size of Buildings Are Receiving 421-a Property Tax Exemptions in 2013?
June 20, 2013; IBO New York City by the Numbers Post

Cooper Union Will Begin Charging Tuition, But Will Still Be Getting Special Tax Breaks From the City
June 4, 2013; IBO Weblog

Testimony on Legislation to Improve Requirements on the Reporting of Income and Expenses by Property Owners
April 23, 2013; Testimony, 3 Pages     PDF

Hurricane Sandy's Effect on Property Tax Bills for Storm-Damaged Homes
February 28, 2013; Testimony, 4 Pages     PDF

City's Assessment of Property Values May Need Some Extra Reassessing
February 12, 2013; IBO Weblog Post

Renew, Reform, or Reject? The Coop & Condo Tax Break Has Expired, Giving Albany Chance for Long-Promised Fix
January 3, 2013; Fiscal Brief, 12 Pages     HTML   PDF

How Much Will Washington's Tax Deal Cost New York City's Taxpayers? A Very Preliminary Estimate
January 2, 2013; New York City By The Numbers Post

Federal Tax Cut Deadline: What Washington's Decisions Could Mean For New York City's Taxpayers
December 18, 2012; Fiscal Brief, 9 Pages     HTML   PDF

Why Did 1.3 Million New York City Tax Filers (35%) Pay No City Income Tax in 2010?
September 27, 2012; New York City By The Numbers Post

Effect on Property Tax Revenue From Merging Utility Property From Class 3 into Class 4 Commercial Property
August 8, 2012; Letter, 4 pages, PDF

The Coop & Condo Tax Break Is About to Expire, Renewing the Existing Bill Will Cost the City Millions in Unintended Benefits
May 17, 2012; IBO Weblog Post

Restructuring the Personal Income Tax
February 1, 2012; Letter, 2 pages pdf

Boom & Bust: Commercial Property Taxes Are a Key to Revenues From Property Transfer Taxes
January 5, 2012; Fiscal Brief, 13 pages

Tax Effort and Spending Effort Across New York State
December 20, 2011; Fiscal Brief, 28 pages, plus Excel tables

Analysis of Income Distribution in NYC and Relative NYC Personal Income Tax Burden
December 12, 2011; Letter, 9 pages

Budget Buster: For MTA, Tax & Fee Revenues Not Always on Track
August 5, 2011; Fiscal Brief, 12 pages plus web table

City's Multitude of Property Tax Exemptions Add Up to a Wealth of Revenue Foregone
July 15, 2011; IBO Weblog Post

Testimony to the New York City Council on Property Tax Assessments and Oversight
May 2, 2011; Testimony, 4 pages

Stabilizing Revenue Collection During the Downturn: How Assessment Phase Ins and Caps Affect the City's Property Tax
February 20, 2011; Fiscal Brief, 13 pages

Attention Shoppers! For a Limited Time Only: The Clothing Tax Returns
September 30, 2011; IBO Weblog Post

Taxes Foregone Shouldn't Be Forgotten
September 1, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

Effects of Property Tax Class Share Shift Since 1992
May 15, 2010;  Letter, 7 pages

Testimony to the New York City Council Committee on Finance on On the Prevailing Wage Bill (Intro 18)
May 11, 2010; Testimony, 3 pages

On April 15, Many New Yorkers Spell Relief “EITC”
April 14, 2010; IBO Weblog Post

Win or Lose, the Yankees Are Going to Have to Pay in Philly
October 30, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

Effect on Property Tax Revenue From Merging Utility Property From Class 3 into Class 4 Commercial Property
June 3, 2009; Letter, 8 pages

Another Hole in the Budget Plan
April 27, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

Another Wrinkle (Actually It's Flat) in State's Tax Increase on High-Income Taxpayers
April 23, 2009; IBO Weblog Post

With Changes to Commercial Property Tax Program, Breaks Will Not be as Costly for the City
August 28, 2008;  Fiscal Brief, 13 pages plus supplemental table

E-Commerce: Eroding City's Sales Tax Revenue
August 21, 2008; Fiscal Brief, 6 pages

Intro 221-A Grab Bar Tax Abatement
June 3, 2008;  Testimony, 2 pages

Fiscal Impact of Implementing a Tax Abatement for the Installation of Grab Bars
February 5, 2008;  Letter, 3 pages

Madison Square Garden Property Tax Exemption
January 9, 2008;   Testimony, 2 pages

Higher Cigarette Tax Has Led to More Tax Revenue, More Tax Evasion
October 19, 2007;   Newsfax Article

Atlantic Yards Tax Exempt Financing
September 21, 2007;   Letter, 2 page

Foregone City, State, and Federal Revenue from Use of Tax-Exempt Bonds for New Yankee Stadium
August 9, 2007;  Letter, 1 page

Yankee Stadium Update
July 19, 2007;  Letter, 1 page

Proposed Child Care Credit Would Erase City Tax Burden for Some Families
June 12, 2007;  Newsfax Article

Comparing State and Local Taxes in Large U.S. Cities
February 2007;  Fiscal Brief, 21 pages

Twenty-Five Years After S7000A: How Property Tax Burdens Have Shifted in New York City
December 2006;  Report, 61 pages

Recent Hudson Yards and Number 7 Extension Agreements
October 10, 2006;  Testimony, 3 pages

Financing Plans for the New Mets Stadium
April 20, 2006;  Memo, 6 pages

Financing Plans for the New Yankee Stadium
April 10, 2006;   5 pages

UPDATE: Update to Yankee Financing Plan
April 20, 2006  

Will the City's Property Transfer Taxes Remain Flush?
December 13, 2005;  Newsfax Article

President's Tax Panel May Have Costly Plan for the City
October 28, 2005;  Newsfax Article

The Alternative Minimum Tax Takes A Rising Toll on the City
April 26, 2005;  Report, 10 pages

Intro 584 and the Collection and Use of Payments in Lieu of Taxes
March 22, 2005;  Testimony, 2 pages

The Madison Square Garden Tax Exemption
March 22, 2005;  Testimony, 2 pages

Intro. 373 and Shortcomings in Current Reporting Requirements on the City's Business Retention and Creation Incentives
June 9, 2004;  Testimony, 3 pages

The Tax Treatment of Coops and Condos
February 26, 2004;  Testimony, 3 pages

Reviving the New York Stock Transfer Tax: Revenues and Risks
November 17, 2003;  Background Paper, 8 pages

Cost Estimates of Proposals to Expand Eligibility for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase and Homeowners Tax Exemptions
October 20, 2003;  Testimony, 3 pages

The Effect of Historic Districts on Residential Property Values
September 9, 2003;  Background Paper, 10 pages

Analysis of Assembly Bill to Expand SCRIE Eligibility
August 7, 2003;  Letter, 2 pages

Temporary Tax Hikes, Declining Revenue
August 13, 2003;  Newsfax Article

Unintended Consequences: New Absentee Landlord Surcharge Will Hit Poorer Neighborhoods Hardest Neighborhoods Hardest
August 5, 2003;   Newsfax Article

Estimated Cost to the City of Changing SCRIE Rules for Seniors Who Have a Permanent Reduction in Income
June 16, 2003;   Testimony, 4 pages

Albany Budget Relief: How Much in City Gap-Closing Help?
June 5, 2003;  Fiscal Brief plus supplemental table

Worth the Cost? Evaluating the 421-a Property Tax Exemption
January 9, 2003;  Fiscal Brief, 9 pages

Tax Revenue Update: Dimmer for 2003, But a Little Brighter in 2004-2006
November 2002;  7 pages

Expanding the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption
October 11, 2002;  Testimony, 2 pages

Tax Tales: The City's Changing Revenue Mix Over 25 Years
October 10, 2002;  Newsfax Article

Learning from Experience: A Primer on Tax Increment Financing
September 25, 2002;  Fiscal Brief, 7 pages

Improving the Local Law 69 Reports to Better Assess the City's Busniess Retention and Attraction Deals
June 11, 2002;  Testimony, 3 pages

Budget Options for New York City
April 23, 2002;  Report, 43 pages

Effect of the Federal Stimulus Act on the City's Tax Revenues
March 2002;  Letter, 6 pages

Tax Revenue Update: City Faces Significant Shortfalls from Adopted Budget
November 16, 2001;  Fiscal Brief, 9 pages - plus appendix

The Effect of Historic Districts on Property Values
August 31, 2001;  Letter, 2 pages

Easing Rent Burdens for Seniors and the Disabled
August 3, 2001;  Newsfax Article

Technical Supplement:   Expanding SCRIE

2002 Budget Tax Cuts
July 11, 2001;  Newsfax Article

Full Disclosure? Assessing City Reporting on Business Retention Deals
June 2001;  Report, 12 pages

Considering Tax Cuts: Current Proposals by the Mayor and the City Council
May 2001;  Fiscal Brief, 11 pages

Governor's Co-STAR Plan Would Shortchange New York City
April 4, 2001;  Newsfax Article

Personal Income Tax Surcharge Reduced
December 15, 2000;  Newsfax Article

Whither Tax Cuts
August 18, 2000;  Newsfax Article

Extending the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) to the Disabled (Fiscal Impact of Senate Bill 484)
July 2000; Letter, 4 pages

Eliminating the Personal Income Tax Surcharge
March 20, 2000;  Newsfax Article

Taxing Metropolis
February 23, 2000;  Fiscal Brief, 16 pages

Taxing Metropolis (Appendix)
February 23, 2000; Appendix, 14 pages

Comparing Homeowner Tax Burdens Across New York State
February 11, 2000;  Fiscal Brief, 4 pages

UPDATE: NYC Earned Income Tax Credit Stalled
October 18, 1999;  Newsfax Article

Property Tax Burden Shifts: Where Does the Buck Stop?
June 10, 1999;  Newsfax Article

Eliminating the Commuter Tax: Fiscal Impacts
June 7, 1999;  Newsfax Article

Tax Relief for the Working Poor:
Proposals for an Earned Income Tax Credit

May 24, 1999;  Fiscal Brief

Eliminating the City Utility Tax: Economic and Fiscal Impacts
May 3, 1999;  Fiscal Brief

The Coop/Condo Abatement and Residential Property Tax Reform in New York City
December 1, 1998;  Fiscal Brief

New York City's Tax on the Working Poor
March 1998;  Fiscal Brief

Tax Update: Sales Tax Change
October 20, 1997;  Newsfax Article

Albany Approves UBT Tax Cut Proposals
October 20, 1997;  Newsfax Article

Reductions in the City's Hotel Occupancy Tax Rate
July 28, 1997;  Fiscal Brief

Tax Cut Returns
July 28, 1997;  Fiscal Brief

Would Clothing Sales Tax Cuts Pay For Themselves?
June 23, 1997;  Fiscal Brief

School Tax Relief and Education Aid Proposals: Impacts on New York City
April 1997;  Fiscal Brief

IBO Issues Independent Revenue Forecast
March 3, 1997;  Newsfax Article

IRS to Replicate IBO "Tax Receipt" Service
October 18, 1999;  Newsfax Article

No Taxation Without Explanation
April 3, 2000;  Newsfax Article

IBO Annual Report 1998
March 1999;  Annual Report

IBO "Tax Receipt" Leads To Congressional Bill
April 13, 1998;  Newsfax Article

How are Your Tax Dollars Spent?
March 2, 1998;  Newsfax Article

IBO Annual Report 1997
January 1998;  Annual Report

The Independent Budget Office:
Enhancing Official and Public Understanding of the Budget

May 28, 1996;  Publication

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