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New York City By The Numbers

Highlights from IBO’s Updated Tables on New York City Residents’ Income & Income Tax Liability in 2021
November 8, 2023

Most Rent Stabilized Apartments Do Not Remain Vacant Year-to-Year
August 21, 2023

Where Are Cultural Development Fund Awards Distributed Throughout New York City?
May 25, 2023

How Have City Costs for Homeless Shelters Changed With Shifts in State and Federal Support?
March 10, 2023

Highlights from IBO’s Updated Tables on New York City Residents’ Income & Income Tax Liability in 2020
December 6, 2022

“Carter Case” Spending for Students with Disabilities Continues to Climb
September 22, 2022

How Much in Federal Covid-19 Relief Funds Did New York City Charter Schools Receive?
August 2, 2022

How Has Public School Enrollment Changed Two Years Into the Covid-19 Pandemic?
July 20, 2022

Has the City's Paramedic Response Time to the Most Serious Medical Emergencies Slowed In Recent Years? Is the Response Slowest Outside Manhattan?
July 14, 2022

How Many Units of Affordable Housing Were Built or Are Underway Through the 421-a Affordable New York Tax Exemption Program?
June 29, 2022

Borough-Based Jail Plan Seeks to House Detainees Closer to Their Communities and the Courts Where Their Cases Are Heard, How Do These Goals Overlap?
June 9, 2022

How Much Will 421-a Continue To Cost New York City After Its Expiration?
June 6, 2022

What Impact Does the Concentration of Students from Low-Income Neighborhoods in Schools Have on Student Achievement? How Much Does the Poverty Level of a Student’s Own Neighborhood Matter?
April 11, 2022

How Much Did the City’s Public Campaign Financing Program Provide to Candidates in 2021 & How Does It Compare to Past Years?
February 14, 2022

Are Families Applying to Kindergarten Outside
Their Zone Seeking Higher Performing Schools?

January 18, 2022

How Has the Number of Sidewalk Sheds
On City Streets Changed Over Time?

January 12, 2022

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