Budget Options For New York City: Contents & A Note to Readers

Viewing the Options

Below is an abbreviated table of contents. Each of these headings links to a set of budget options. Place your cursor over these headings to view the titles of individual budget options grouped there. To view or print that grouping of budget options, simply click on the heading.

New budget options are highlighted in the subheads below.

New Options

Savings Options

Revising or Eliminating Programs

Reducing Subsidies

Charging for Services

City Workforce Staffing, Funding, and Work Rule Changes

Lowering Wage and Benefits Costs of City Employees

Shifting State and Local Burdens

Revenue Options

Adjusting the Personal Income Tax

Revising the Property and Related Taxes

Eliminating or Reducing Tax Breaks

Broadening the Tax on Sales and Services

Raising Fees and Fines

Fares, Tolls, and Other Revenue Generators

PDF of all Budget Options available here.

Note to Readers

We began publishing Budget Options for New York City in 2002 as an annual volume of ways the city can cut costs or increase revenue. In 2019, we made it a web-based compendium of ideas. This enables us to update options in real time, as circumstances change or new information becomes available. We can also add new options as appropriate, not necessarily tied to an annual calendar

While the mode of presenting the measures has changed, the fundamental concept remains the same: we summarize each initiative, estimate its savings or revenue potential, and present key arguments for and against its implementation. We neither endorse nor reject any of the budget options presented. IBO’s role is to examine budget options and estimate their fiscal impact—not make recommendations.

The budget options presented in our compendium are expansive but by no means all encompassing. Our efforts to present budget options for the city are ongoing and we welcome your participation. If you have comments about the options we present or suggestions for new ones, we want to hear from you. You can post ideas to our Facebook page, send a tweet, or email us if you prefer.

Previous editions can be found here

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