2016 Education Indicators Report

IBO Indicators of student demographics, resources for schools, and student outcomes are now being updated periodically online as new data becomes available. This means that not all of the indicators are updated at the same time, although all will be updated annually.

How to Navigate the Indicators Report

Click on the section below you would like to see. Each section will include a link to downloadable data tables. For more information on data sources and a definition of terms, see Data Notes and Glossary.

Data Notes and Glossary
Information on data sources and definition of terms.

Student Demographics

Section 1. A Snapshot of Student Demographics
Provides data on student demographics such as the number, birthplace, and most common home languages of traditional public and charter school students.

Section 2. School Enrollment Trends
Provides data on both traditional public and charter school enrollment trends.

Section 3. Comparing Characteristics of Traditional Public School Students
and Charter School Students

Provides data on race and ethnicity, disability status, and English Language Learner status of traditional public and charter school students. Also includes data on students in temporary housing.

Student Achievement

Section 1. Student Attendance and Grades 3-8 Academic Performance
Provides data on the attendances rates of traditional public school students, as well as grades 3-8 standardized test results for both traditional public and charter school students.

Section 2. Grades 3-8 Academic Performance by Charter Network Affiliation
Provides the grades 3-8 standardized assessment median scores by charter network affiliation.

Section 3. Regents Exam Performance
Provides data on Regents Exam performance for traditional public school students.

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