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Loose Change Adds Up to Millions for Transit Agency

Posted by Doug Turetsky, November 18, 2013 Photo by Tara Swanson There’s a particularly opaque source of revenue in New York City Transit’s financial plan that’s called, in jargon only a bureaucrat could love, “fare media liability.” What it amounts to is the transit agency’s loose change jar. It is where the transit agency accounts […]

New York City: Your Ad Here

Posted by Doug Turetsky, September 6, 2012 New York City itself may not be for sale, but the rights to tie your corporate name and logo to a variety of city facilities and services may increasingly be up for grabs as public agencies look for ways to raise revenues to meet growing expenses and offset […]

What is Yellow and Rises at the Same Time it Falls?

Posted by Yolanda Smith, December 23, 2010 Many school kids love puzzles, and extra credit is in order for any who can solve a particularly tough one about the yellow buses that take more than 140,000 children to and from school each day. Currently, yellow bus service is one of the fastest growing parts of […]

The Cost of Students’ Free Ride

Posted by Alan Treffeisen, January 11, 2010 The uproar over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plan to discontinue free MetroCards for students boils down to a couple of key questions: How much do the free rides really cost the MTA, and if they are to be provided, how to cover that cost? As is often the […]

Despite Fare Hike and Service Cuts, MTA Budget May Soon Derail Again

Posted by Alan Treffeisen, March 30, 2009 Facing a nearly $1 billion operating budget hole this year, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board decided last week to hike mass transit fares and raise tolls on the agency’s bridges and tunnels. The MTA board also approved an array of subway and bus service cuts. As the MTA’s […]