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IBO Releases Study on Efforts to Educate Students in the Least Restrictive Environment
April 11, 2024

IBO Report:  Structure of Proposed New 421-a Program Has Implications for All Property Tax Bills
March 26, 2024

NYC Jails Experience 73% Drop in Unique Stays and a Shift in Population Demographics at City Jails, IBO Report Finds
March 19, 2024

IBO’s Review of Neighborhood Rezonings, 2016-2021
March 18, 2024

IBO Analysis of Sanitation Garage Pledge in the 2017 East Harlem Points of Agreement
March 7, 2024

IBO PEG Analysis Outlines FY25 PEGS, Funding Restorations, and Headcount Reductions and their Impact on City Services
February 27, 2024

IBO Analysis: Exempting Yellow Taxis from Congestion Pricing, How Much Would it Cost?
February 26, 2024

IBO Details Its Latest Economic and Revenue Forecast: Estimates 90,500 New Jobs in Calendar Year 2024 and Projects Continued but Slowing Growth in the Economy and City Tax Revenues
February 22, 2024

IBO Analysis Reveals IBO Releases Analysis of Historical Changes in Early Childhood Budgets, Finds Current Early Childhood Program Budgets Have Changed From Initial Plans
February 20, 2024

IBO Analysis Reveals Annual Cost Estimates for Fair Fares Program Expansion
For Low-Income Seniors and New Yorkers with Disabilities

February 8, 2024

IBO Release’s 2024 Budget Options Volume
February 7, 2024

IBO’s Real Property Tax Forecast: Comparisons and Sensitivity Analyses for the November Plan
January 11, 2024

Eliminating Caps on Street Vendor Permits and Licenses Would Likely Lead to Positive Fiscal Impact, Finds NYC Independent Budget Office Report
January 9, 2024

Independent Budget Office (IBO) Unveils Explainer on the CityFHEPS Program
Press Release; January 8, 2024

IBO Analysis Takes a Closer Look at Enrollment Losses During the First Full Pandemic School Year
Press Release; January 3, 2024

IBO Analysis Reveals Details about the Federal Paycheck Protection Program and Its Effectiveness in Preserving Jobs Among New York City Small Businesses That Received Loans
Press Release; October 12, 2023

IBO Finds Drop in NYC Public School Teacher Headcount Due to Lower Retention
Press Release; September 20, 2023

IBO Lens on New York City Payments to Nonprofit Cultural Organizations
Press Release; September 12, 2023

New York City Legal Cannabis Market Could Eventually Generate $1.2 Billion in
Taxable Sales and $47 Million in Annual Revenue, According to IBO Analysis

August 24, 2023

New IBO Tool Lets Users See the Cost of Running New York City for a Day
August 23, 2023

IBO Releases Study of Rent Stabilized Vacant Apartments: Most Do Not Remain Vacant Year-to-Year
August 21, 2023

New Class Size Law Could Have Unintended Consequences for NYC Schools
July 12, 2023

IBO Reviews the Madison Square Garden Tax Exemption
July 11, 2023

One Percent for Parks? A Historical and Current Overview of the Parks Budget
June 22, 2023

NYC Comptroller & Public Advocate Appoint to the Independent Budget Office Advisory Board
June 14, 2023 This release provided by the Office of the Comptroller and the New York City Public Advocate

Demystifying School Budgets
June 7, 2023

Updated Fiscal History Tables
June 4, 2023

Where Are Cultural Development Fund Awards Distributed Throughout New York City?
May 25, 2023

IBO Examines the NYC Public School System’s Capacity to Support Language Acquisition as More Than 13,000 New Arrivals Enrolled This Year
May 22, 2023

IBO Reports on the Executive Budget for 2024 and Financial Plan through 2027
May 15, 2023

IBO Projects Lower Asylum Seeker Costs Than Executive Budget
May 8, 2023

Union Contracts to Increase Personnel Costs, Partially Offset by Low Headcount
April 10, 2023

Cost of Unpaid Fines, Charges, and Penalties in New York City
April 5, 2023

Description of Public Subsidies for Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field & Barclays
March 29, 2023

Preliminary Budget Eliminates Hundreds of Vacant School Safety Agent Positions
March 14, 2023

How Have City Costs Changed with Shifts in State and Federal Support for Homeless Shelters?
March 10, 2023

IBO Testifies on the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget
March 6, 2023

IBO Testifies at NYS Senate Hearing on MTA Budget and Penn Station Revitalization
March 3, 2023

Louisa Chafee Appointed Director of the New York City Independent Budget Office
February 2, 2023

Ronnie Lowenstein Retiring As Director of IBO
After 25 Years of Leadership

January 5, 2022

IBO Releases New Budget Options for New York City, May 2021
May 4, 2021

IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City, December 2020
December 1, 2020

Ronnie Lowenstein Reappointed Director of IBO
October 31, 2018

IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City 2017
March 9, 2017; Press Release, 2 pagesPDF

IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City 2015
December 2, 2015; Press Release, 2 pages PDF

IBO Releases Analysis of Preliminary Budget for 2016
March 27, 2015; Press Release, 2 pages    PDF

Ronnie Lowenstein Reappointed Director of IBO
November 24, 2014; Press Release, 2 pages    PDF

IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City 2014
November 20, 2014

New York City’s Personal Income Tax: Who Pays, How Much, and Other Data
April 14, 2014

IBO Releases Analysis of Preliminary Budget for 2015
March 26, 2014

IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City Fall 2013
December 4, 2013

IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City 2013
May 9, 2013

IBO Releases Analysis of Preliminary Budget for 2013
March 29, 2012

IBO Releases 2011 Education Indicators Report and Searchable Database
September 14, 2011

IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City 2011
April 5, 2011

IBO Releases Analysis of Preliminary Budget for 2012
March 18, 2011

Ronnie Lowenstein Reappointed Director of IBO
December 1, 2010

IBO Releases Analysis of Preliminary Budget for 2011
March 26, 2010

IBO Releases Updated Understanding New York City’s Budget: A Guide
October 28, 2009

IBO Releases Analysis of Preliminary Budget for 2010
March 30, 2009

IBO Releases Budget Options For New York City 2009
February 11, 2009

IBO Unveils Web Site Redesign, Launches Weblog
January 16, 2009

IBO Releases Analysis Of Mayor's Preliminary Budget For 2009
March 24, 2008

IBO Releases Analysis Of Mayor's Preliminary Budget For 2008
March 23, 2007

It's Unanimous: Lowenstein Reappointed Director Of IBO; Will Lead Budget Agency Into Its Second Decade
December 21, 2006

New IBO Report Finds Widening Disparities In City's Property Tax
December 5, 2006

IBO Analysis Of The Executive Budget Finds Larger Surpluses, Smaller Gaps In Future Years
May 23, 2006

IBO Releases Analysis Of Mayor's Preliminary Budget For 2007
March 27, 2006

IBO Releases Analysis Of Mayor's Preliminary Budget For 2006
March 23, 2005

IBO Releases New Edition Of "Budget Options For New York City"
February 15, 2005

Analysis Of Hudson Yards Financing Plan Finds Extra Cost Of More Than $1 Billion, Risks To City Budget
August 5, 2004

IBO Reports On Mayor's 2005 Budget Plan; Fiscal Picture Improves, Most Program And Service Spending Flat
March 15, 2004

IBO Report Examines Nearly 70 Options For Reducing Spending And Raising Revenue
February 12, 2004

New IBO Report Examines City's Ticketing And Fine Collections
May 29, 2003

IBO Report On Mayor's 2004 Budget Plan: Despite Cuts, City Spending Would Grow
March 31, 2003

IBO Report Examines Nearly 60 Options For Reducing Spending And Raising Revenue
February 6, 2003

Lowenstein Reappointed Director Of IBO
September 30, 2002

IBO: As Budget Gap Widens, Mayor's $500 Million Contingency Plan May Be Insufficient
May 15, 2002

New IBO Report Examines Dozens Of Potential Cost Savings And Revenue Raising Measures To Help Close The City's Budget Shortfall
April 23, 2002

Find Out How Your City Tax Dollars Are Spent
April 15, 2002

IBO Releases Report On Mayor's 2003 Budget Proposals And Financial Plan
March 29, 2002

IBO Report Finds City's Methods Of Rating Its Services To New Yorkers Don't Measure Up
February 28, 2002

IBO Projects $3.9 Billion Budget Gap For Next Fiscal Year
December 20, 2001

New Guide To Understanding The City's Budget
December 3, 2001

IBO: City Faces Up To $925 Million Revenue Shortfall This Year
November 15, 2001

IBO Report Takes A Closer Look At City Schools' Uncertified Teachers
July 19, 2001

IBO Analyzes Tax Cut Plans
May 30, 2001

IBO Report: Years Of Big Budget Surpluses To End, Significant Shortfalls Ahead
May 15, 2001

Budget Gaps Double The Size Of Administration Estimates
March 24, 2001

IBO Warns Large City Budget Gaps Ahead
March 5, 2001

IBO Warns: Slowing National Economy Will Affect City
January 23, 2001

New York City Residents' Water Bills Will Be 12 Percent To 22 Percent Higher If City Is Required To Filter Catskill/Delaware Water
November 14, 2000

Proposed Transportation Bond Act Would Yield $1.69 Billion For New York City - 44% Of The Total
October 17, 2000

Ronnie Lowenstein Appointed Director Of IBO
August 14, 2000

NYC Millionaires' Share Of Total Income Skyrockets During Current Boom
June 12, 2000

IBO Releases First User-Friendly Review Of City's Capital Budget
June 5, 2000

IBO Forecasts $3.1 Billion FY 2000 Surplus, But Finds Mayor's Budget Would Drive Future Budget Gaps
May 15, 2000

No Taxation Without Explanation-Web-Based Interactive "Tax Receipt" Showing Taxpayers How Much They Spent For Each Government Service
March 30, 2000

IBO Forecasts Record Surplus-Over $2.7 Billion, But Finds Mayor's Budget Would Drive Large Future Budget Gaps
March 27, 2000

NYC Taxes 79 Percent Higher Than Other Large Cities
February 23, 2000

IBO Finds That Despite Longest Post-War Economic Expansion, City's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook Remains Cloudy
January 18, 2000

January 5th Deadline Looms To Sign Up For Next Year's Star Property Tax Savings
December 28, 1999

IBO Finds Classroom Space Shortage And Uncertain State Funding Are Major Obstacles To Implementing Universal Prekindergarten In NYC
November 16, 1999

IBO Finds NYC Transit's Fiscal Condition Has Improved, But Future Problems Loom
August 17, 1999

IBO Report Compares Council And Mayoral Proposals To Reduce City Taxes On Poorest Working Families
May 24, 1999

IBO Foresees $356 Million City Budget Surplus For Next Year
May 17, 1999

No Taxation Without Explanation
April 14, 1999

IBO Forecasts Over $1 Billion NYC Budget Surplus For Third Straight Year
March 23, 1999

IBO Sees $1.1 Billion City Budget Surplus In Current Year
January 25, 1999

Independent Budget Office Wins Lawsuit Against Mayor
December 21, 1998

The Coop/Condo Abatement And Residential Property Tax Reform In New York City
December 1, 1998

Most Yankee/Shea Stadium Fans Come From Outside New York City
September 28, 1998

Universal Work Requirement For Welfare Recipients Could Cost City More Than $500 Million Each Year From 2000-2002
September 24, 1998

IBO Projects $843 Million Surplus Under Budget Adopted By The City Council For 1999
June 16, 1998

IBO Forecasts $1.1 Billion 1999 City Budget Surplus
May 18, 1998

New Stadiums For The Yankees And Mets?
April 30, 1998

Independent Budget Office Sues Mayor
April 1, 1998

IBO Projects Larger Budget Surplus This Year
But Bigger Gaps Down The Line

March 23, 1998

No Taxation Without Explanation:
Interactive "Tax Receipt" Service Available

March 16, 1998

Statement On The President's FY 1999 Budget Impact On New York City
February 2, 1998

IBO Budget Forecast:
City In Good Fiscal Shape This Year; Future Budget Gaps Large But Less Than Previously Forecast

January 13, 1998

Suffrage On Suffering School Buildings:
Report Shows Voter's Dilemma on Bond Act

October 15, 1997

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